Alpha FAQ

When will the new alpha opening start?

Alpha is currently ongoing. At the same time, the server continues to developed. Once enough progress has been made, a new opening will be announced. However, due to the rate of development, it will take at least several months until a new alpha opening.

How are the alpha tests organized?

The tests are organized into multiple alpha stages, each with new features. The alphas themselves can have multiple openings, where new people will be able to join, but the features will stay the same. We will then test how the server performs with the added load, and fix bugs that come up. We will gather feedback from testers regarding features and performance, and work on improving the issues raised. The feedback and issue reports from the testers, as well as the speed of development, will influence the decision when a next opening or alpha stage will start.

How can I be selected?

To be able to be selected for an alpha stage, you have to submit an application stating why you want to join. This is to make sure people don’t apply twice and to keep it fair for everyone.
See below on how to apply.

Why not give out keys?

We want to make sure that

  • It’s not easy to apply multiple times; everyone has the same chance
  • The people selected for alpha are motivated
  • The entry for alpha can’t be transferred easily
  • There is not too much unreasonable hype about getting access to alpha

Alpha keys have problems with the above. Applications help in addressing these issues.

How will selection work?

We will first filter out applications we consider to be spam. From the rest we will randomly select applications until all slots for the stage are full. The selection process will be random and automated, we don’t control who’s selected and who isn’t, and everyone has the same chance. Please don’t contact us asking to be selected, as we don’t control the process.

I haven’t been very active on the forums/discord. Will this affect whether I’m selected?

No, it won’t. The selection process doesn’t favor anyone, and you will have the same chances whether you’ve spent a lot of time on the forums or not. The same goes for following on Twitter, subscribing on Youtube, etc. Everyone has the same chance.

What features and worlds are available?

Currently Venture Explorer, Avant Gardens, and Nimbus Station are be available. In terms of features, everything needed to progress to Nimbus Station and join a faction is available. Check out our videos for a demo of the features involved.

What is not available?

Currently, worlds after Nimbus Station, Racing, Battle of Nimbus Station, Return to the Venture Explorer and similar are not available. We’re also currently limiting survival and properties to be single-player-only while we work on the infrastructure needed for them. We will enable more features and worlds in later testing stages.

Is the alpha open 24/7 or is it restricted to certain times?

We started out with the server only being open on the weekends, however the server has proven to work well enough that we’ve expanded uptime to 24/7. However, we may sometimes need to take the server down briefly for maintenance or troubleshooting.

How many tester slots are there in the current opening?

The current opening features 20 alpha slots. Later stages will have more slots, but we want to start low with just 20 slots to be able to measure server load and fix potential issues early. How many slots the later stages will have depends on how well the server performs under load.

How will I know when I’m selected?

After the application time window has ended, we will review applications and run the selection process. We will post the results on the blog on April 16th. We will also notify you via e-mail if you are selected.

What if I’m not selected?

Don’t worry! Even if you’re not selected for the current opening, you still have a chance in the next openings. Your application will count towards those too, so you don’t have to apply again.

How can I get into alpha? How can I apply?

Update: Alpha application phase is now closed. We’ll open up applications again when the server is ready for the next testing phase. Check our twitter for updates on server progress towards the next alpha. Thanks!